Blog > > Would You Believe Me If I Told You John Mellencamp's Two Sons Named Hud and Speck Were Arrested For Beating Up Some Guy On His Front Porch?

Would You Believe Me If I Told You John Mellencamp's Two Sons Named Hud and Speck Were Arrested For Beating Up Some Guy On His Front Porch?

BLOOMINGTON, IN (WFIE) - According to TMZ, John Mellencamp's two teenage sons, 18-year-old Speck and 19-year-old Hud Mellencamp, have been charged with felony battery of a 19-year-old man who was sitting on his own front porch.
TMZ says police told them the Mellencamp's went to victim's home on July 29, accompanied by a 3rd man, Ty Smith (son of Indiana University baseball coach Tracy Smith.)
Authorities told TMZ the victim suffered facial fractures and cuts that required stitches. According to the Herald Times, Hud is a trained boxer.
The Herald Times says the Mellencamps told police the attack was a response to an incident that took place at a party earlier that night.
Officials told TMZ that Speck claimed he had been trying to break up a fight between two girls who were arguing over him when he was pushed and hit by another man.
It's unclear if the "pusher" and the victim are the same person.
Officials told TMZ the Mellencamps and Smith were all charged with felony battery.

So I haven’t blogged in a while so naturally when this story was tweeted I said to myself, “By-golly, if I am going to get back on the horse this is the story to do it with”.

My God this gem of a news story has everything you could ever want: punk kids of washed up singers, actual humans named ‘Hud’** and ‘Speck’, “a trained boxer”, one of the charged claiming it all started over two women fighting over him and of course a college coach’s kid being involved.

First of all let me start by saying I can’t stand John Mellencamp. I know, it’s sacrilegious to say something like that in the state of Indiana but it’s true. IU fan, songs that have been burned into my head, wife who makes that stupid face in every movie and most importantly what in the hell do I call him?! Is it John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Mennecamp, JMC? Make up your my P. Puffy Daddy Diddy.

Anyway, I read this story and couldn’t stop laughing. His boys names are Hud and Speck? Well now it makes sense why these kids are complete bags. Oh and what’s that? Hud is a trained boxer? Well isn’t that special. Daddy’s a musician, step-mommy played an annoying bookstore owner and you think you’re tough because you’re a “trained boxer”. Who trained you Chris Brown?

My favorite part and the part that made me laugh most was when Speck claimed this all happened when two females were arguing over him. I really do want to rag on him and say he is a total ass clown for this but a tiny part of me has to applaud. If you are going to play the d-bag role, you have to go all-in. When you get in trouble just tell the cops, “Bro it’s not my fault, these chicks were arguing over me and I stepped in to tell them we can all three just hookup together and then bam, I get pushed and then punched”. That’s about as hard of a hard ass move as you can ever make. Speck nailed it!

Lastly, I’ve heard from a lot of coaches that IU baseball coach Tracy Smith is a great guy but it sounds like his son Ty made a big mistake and was hanging out with a bad couple of Cougars, I mean Mellencamps.

Oh by the way… was I the only one waiting to read that both Mellencamps were wearing Affliction t-shirts?

**Editor's note: Hud Mellencamp is a cornerback at Duke.