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Here's a Video of a Bunch of People Overreacting to a Plainfield Football Team Photo

Not sure what the problem is here, move it along.



So when I read the headline of this story originally I figured it was a bunch of high school kids drunk at a party or maybe them taking a few rips from a bong or even them hazing some pimple faced freshman. I could understand it if one of those were the topic of the photo that has Plainfield in a tizzy but it isn't, it's something totally different.


The photo as seen in the video is of a group of high school football players standing on a police vehicle with a few of them holding bean bag launchers. Yeah I know scary, right?


While watching this video I was waiting to hear about how the kids beat the hell out of a couple of cops tied them up with duct tape and then stole the vehicle and went on a joy ride and then like normal idiot kids posted the photos on Instagram but that didn’t happen either. The photo was taken on school property during a community outreach program in which the police were standing right there supervising.


Editor's Note: Now would be a good time to watch the video if you haven't already.


I love how Beth Watson said she would never allow her children to do something like that. Really Beth? You walk around with your kids 24/7? That must be one long umbilical cord. But let’s be honest though, she was at a gas station and the camera guy was probably like, “This lady looks like she might be wound a little too tight let’s ask her for her two cents”.


I would hate for Beth Watson to see the senior photo we took after our final practice senior year, we were flexing and a few guys even had angry looks on their faces, so intimidating, so many criminals. Except we didn’t intimidate anyone, ask the Griffith Panthers (they beat us 135-0 in two games…so intimidating).


And how about Tom Crean’s brother Jesse Barnett coming in and saying that as someone who has worked overseas fighting for freedom (never says if he is actually in the military) he doesn’t see it as a positive thing. Well there Jesse, did you ever take a photo on top of a Bradley Tank or a Humvee with the rest of your platoon, or with a gun? Because every single one of my buddies who is in the military has and what if a few of these kids have aspirations of serving in the military then what?


And thank the Lord Lori Claxton is on this planet to save the day. The only normal person with half a brain in this whole story, “It’s just a picture”. And yes I know there are a lot of instances where people say “it’s just a picture” but how many of those have police officers supervising?


At one point Watson says the photo is “unacceptable”. The only thing I see that’s unacceptable is that coaches follow through on the throw at 1:09. What’s with the leg kick?


In the end all this photo does is teach kids not to listen to the police. Some cop who hates his life because instead of chasing after crazy meth heads he has to sit at a high school with some punk high schoolers and show them the vehicle they’re going to one day end up in the back of, tells them it’s okay to take the photo and the BAM right in the face the next day everyone is mad at them. That’s not sending a good message to our youth.


Oh by the way... Jake Maxwell’s beard is what legends are made of, 100 years from now kids in Plainfield should be reading about Mr. Maxwell’s beard in U.S. and Art History. Perfection.

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