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Adam Wainwright Pulls The Biggest St. Louis Move Ever...EVER


So last night was Derek Jeter's final MLB All-Star game. One of the greatest players to ever play the game and one of the most respected guys to ever step on a diamond made another stop on a well-deserved farewell tour.

And then a St. Louis Cardinal had to go and be a St. Louis Cardinal.

Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright told the media that he wanted to give Jeter all the attention and even stepped back from the mound so the Yankee Captain could have a few extra moments to take in the cheers. Had Wainwright stopped there everything would have been just fine, but instead he, like so many of us, kept talking and eventually dug himself a hole the size of the Grand Canyon.

Wainwright said in an interview that he was planning on giving Jeter a few "pipe shots" because "he deserved it". Hey Adam, it's great you wanted to let DJ take you yard but you defeated the purpose by ratting yourself out and letting everyone know you did it on purpose.

Later during the game Erin Andrews interviewed Wainwright and he said he didn't want people to take anything away from what Jeter did because of what he "mis-said".

This is all so St. Louis, it hurts. I can imagine how this all went down: Wainwright convinced himself it would be a good idea to get bent over by Jeter but then once things spiraled out of control he decided to leak the secret and tell everyone it was his intention. Such a St. Louis move. "Hey man enjoy this moment and here's a beach ball I'm going to serve up to you...oh crap, that didn't go like I had planned. Hey media people I did it on purpose....hey Erin Andrews now that everyone is grilling me about telling the world I gave DJ a free pass I mis-said everything and he did a good job'.

St. Louis.


Here's what got Wainwright in trouble.


Here's the Erin Andrews interivew with Wainwright.


Oh by the way...part of this is Jeter's fault. How the hell do you not tally-whack one when it's served on a platter? Come on Jeets!