Boston Based Blog Makes Tribute Video

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Barstool Sports is a sports/men’s humor/photos of half-naked chicks blog (it’s for mature audiences and I am not telling any kids to check it out). I’ve been a fan and reader for almost a year and it got me through the dog days of the transition here at 1130 The Fan (I literally read this blog every day for three months straight while at “work”, it was all I had to look forward to). I’ve laughed at thousands of blogs and hundreds of videos. I couldn’t begin to rank my favorite blogs or videos or smokeshows if I wanted to, but I will say that this tribute video they made may take the cake.

Let me say that these guys get a lot of crap from a lot of people and sometimes I shake my head and say “Did they really post that?”, but this is not one of those cases. The past week the fellas at Barstool (led by ‘El Presidente’ David Portnoy) have been on top of their game. Everything from giving late night and early morning updates on the manhunt to raising over $160,000 (and counting) for charities, these guys have done an amazing job.

I watched this video and had to clinch my jaw so hard to prevent me from balling my eyes out. The moment they played “Amazing Grace” on the bag pipes had a tear roll down my cheek, when they showed those fallen victims on the video screen at Fenway I almost lost it. Hell, I even enjoyed the awfulness that is YOU-TOO. I think I still have chills and I am wearing long sleeves and a jacket.

Enjoy and Viva La Stool!

*Oh by the way…*if one of you weirdos complains about David Ortiz dropping an F-bomb, just remember the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski backed Ortiz’s comment. And yes I know it's radio and probably blogging 101 not to take people from your station, website, or blog but I will give myself a free pass on this one chances are I am going to get called into the principal's office for this anyway.

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