Bulls Take Game One From Heat

May be their last.

Every now and again in sports the team that no one gives a chance goes out and does everything right and is able to pull out a win. Last night the Bulls did just that. They went out and played as well as they could with what they had and beat the Miami Heat in game one of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

As a Bulls fan, boy did I enjoy it. And it was good to see them get one more quality win before the season ends. You see the Bulls are playing the Heat and the Heat have LeBron James. Whether you love him or hate him you can’t deny that he is the best basketball player in the world. No questions asked. And now that they Bulls have picked up that first win, it’s time for LeBron to stop messing around and play.

LeBron will come out and dominate the rest of this series. As a rational Bulls fan I can say that, there will be no stopping LeBron from here on out. The Bulls did everything right last night and that was great, but they are nowhere near the same caliber of team as Miami. The Bulls are playing with their third string point guard and a team plagued with injuries.

Everyone said it would be tough to beat the Heat without Derrick Rose and no one gave them a chance without Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, injured Joakim Noah and little Nate Robinson. Well the Bulls were able to pull one out and their fans should take that and enjoy it until Wednesday and then they can enjoy it after the series is over when they say, “Hey at least we didn’t get swept”.

Oh by the way…I wouldn’t mind it if the NBA decided to test LeBron for HGH. The guy is seriously a freak of nature! If only he wasn’t such a big cry baby tool bag I could actually cheer for him.

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