Eastern Conference Finals: Heat, Pacers

The Heat and the Pacers will tip off the Eastern Conference Finals this Wednesday in Miami. It will be the Pacers first time back in the conference finals since 2000, for the Heat it’s their third year in a row. The Pacers have a young athletic team, the Heat have the best player in the world. The Pacers just went seven games with New York, the Heat have only lost once in their last nine games. Do you see where I am going here?

The Heat are the best team in the NBA and quite honestly, I don’t see any scenario where they aren’t NBA champs at the end of this long drawn out playoff season. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Pacers are young and talented and have given Miami a tough time over the past two seasons. Those games were in the regular season, LeBron and the Heat turn into some sort of monster come the playoffs. I see Miami winning this in five, six games max.

As far as the teams in the West go, neither of them can hang with the Heat. I like San Antonio to take the West but in the end they are just delaying the inevitable.

You want to know how good the Heat are? Watch how relaxed and confident they are at the end of their next close game, if they have on. They hoist up threes in the closing minutes of close games like they don’t have a care in the world. It’s so cliché, but confidence goes a long way and the Heat have no shortage of it.

Oh by the way... I was so sure Saturday that I wasn’t coming into work today or ever again. I bought a Powerball ticket and lost, so now you have to deal with me until I win.

Have a great Monday weirdos!

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