Sycamores Have No Answer For Flames

ISU Loses to UIC 6-2

 Indiana State lost last night to Illinois Chicago, 6-2. Indiana State wrapped up a five game home stand that included a four game win streak, beating Ausitn Peay and a series sweep of Southern Illinois. 
 Credit has to be given to the Flames of UIC (something has to be done about that nickname too, same with the Chicago Fire…Flames? More like Lames!) they had solid pitching and played well defensively. From a fan stand point it had to be a tough game to watch as ISU continued to hit hard ball after hard ball to the Flames in the field. It was even tougher covering the game and having to watch it. However, there was a glimmer of excitement in the ninth inning for ISU when they were able to tag two runs off Alex Posy (no relation to Buster, at least I don’ think so). Then there was a Robby Ort’s pop out to the warning track in right field. Had it been a few feet longer I would be writing an entirely different blog right now. 
When I talked to Indiana State head coach Rick Heller after the game I asked him about the team’s energy. At times they looked like they needed a shot of it. Coach pointed out at the team didn’t have much to be excited about, UIC was doing everything right and ISU just kept hitting the ball to where they were. That’s going to happen from time to time, you’re going to have those kinds of days. I’m sure ISU would have loved to have a better day on the field and build some momentum heading into Missouri State but that didn’t happen. Now it will be up the players to come up big this weekend. There’s a huge task ahead of them and I will get to that tomorrow. 
***Oh by the way…*** for those of you who live in apartment complexes isn’t there an unwritten rule about parking? When I moved into my apartment the spot directly in front of my door wasn’t used, so I began parking there. 11 months I’ve parked there and probably two or three dozen times someone parks there. 24-26 times in 330 some days isn’t bad at all. But for some reason last night it finally got to me. The broad who lives below me parked in my spot when the spot that is closest to her door was open! She couldn’t have parked any closer to her apartment if she tried, literally she would have had to park in the grass. Unbelievable. Probably has something to do with me singing along to John Denver’s “Country Roads” which I blare while I shower or something about the date we went on.

Later weirdos!