Opening Day

Just remember, it's a long season.

It’s here. Opening day in Major League Baseball.

Fresh cut grass, chalk outlines of the batter’s box and straight lines 300 feet to the right and left. The seats are dusted off (some places it was snow that covered them), the grill is fired up, kegs are tapped, line-ups are being penciled in for the first time in a scorebook that looks like the letter ‘M’ encyclopedia.

For some folks it has seemed like an eternity since the final out recorded in the 2012 World Series. For those who find this game a personal hell, they don’t share the same love for today. Either way today is the mark of a 162 game schedule that starts and finishes with cold weather with 100 degree days sprinkled in between. Today marks the start of another season of America’s Pastime. So even if you don’t care for baseball, crack open a box of Cracker Jack’s or a beer and enjoy the day. If not for the grueling marathon of a season that is baseball, do it knowing that warm weather is right around the corner…hopefully.

Here are my “picks” for the 2013 season. Let me say, I hate doing this. No one knows how this season is going to go and if I pick them right, whatever. If I get them wrong everyone will tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. So here goes nothing!

AL East- Rays. Yankees and Red Sox have too many injuries. Baltimore could make a run but twice in two years? Let’s be real. Toronto added a ton in the offseason but again let’s be real, it’s Canada folks.

AL Central- Tigers. End of story.

AL West- To take from Major League II in reference to Houston, “New league. New logo. Same dead ass team”. Angels take the west.

AL Wild Cards-Despite the Canada comment I think they can still make it along with Oakland

NL-East- Nationals. Many folks think they will represent the NL in the World Series.

NL Central- It’s the Reds division to lose.

NL West- I have to pick the defending champs right?

NL- Wild Cards- Blue Jean shorts, Bud Heavy in a can, and a 2013 Wild Card spot, that's how St. Louis does it. They were in the hunt until July two years ago, last year they made it until August, this year they end the streak, Pittsburgh.

I hate predicting this crap. I sound like an idiot in October. Either way it is a long season, so if your team loses today don’t cry on Facebook or Twitter like a dumbass.

Oh be the way… I hope everyone had a great weekend, I sure did. Nothing beats going back to where you grew up and seeing family and friends.

Happy Opening Day weirdos!