Spurs Sign Tracy McGrady

33-year-old Tracy McGrady is coming back to the NBA. Wait. What?

There are so many things wrong with that sentence, it makes my head hurt.

First off, Tracy McCrady is only 33? What the… I thought Tracy McGrady was at least 38, 39, 50. It seems like he has been playing in the NBA since Jordan was still on the Bulls. The second thing that blows my mind is the Spurs signed him, but why? I understand the Spurs have injuries and with the playoffs right around the corner they need some help. But Tracy McGrady? The same T-Mac who Tim Leggler said put up “respectably numbers in China this year”? Hold the phones. It’s China, it’s not like he was playing in the best European league or something, it was China. T-Mac should have scored 50 a game and been the new M.J. over there. At this point in his aging career I think the Spurs would have been better off if they flew Pop up to Rucker Park and had him take someone from there and throw them on the Spurs roster. Oh yeah, and the Spurs do know that T-Mac has never won a playoff series right? This should go well.

Oh By the Way… did you know that the average 18 year old female spends more time texting that she does sleeping? I would give up texting if it meant I could get an extra two hours of sleep a day, but I want those two hours in the morning. I don’t want to be missing the cool stuff that happens at night.

Have a great day weirdos!