Phill Jackson Contacted by the Cavs

However, they will probably kiss and make-up with Mike Brown.

So the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached out to Phil Jackson over the weekend to see if he was interested in coaching them next year. As you can probably guess, he and his people laughed in the Cavs faces. Okay I don’t know that to be 100% true but you can imagine that’s what they did. This is a smart move for Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavs. He went after one of the greatest coaches in basketball history to make satisfy the fan base. “Hey everyone look I’m going to ask 11 time NBA-Champion coach Phil Jackson and see if he wants to give up his sweet life of learning how to tweet, meditating in Montana and whatever he wants with Jeanie Buss, to come here and coach…in CLEVELAND!”

Of all places Cleveland? There’s what a one and a million chance Jackson takes that job right? Remember when the Lakers asked him if he wanted to coach them this year and he reportedly made some crazy demands like he didn’t want to coach all of the games, particularly some of the road games in crappy cities. His demand for the Cavs would probably be that he didn’t want to coach home games. Do you blame him? He probably told them he wouldn’t travel East of the Mississippi and he wanted $10 million a year.

Actually the report is that Phil’s people told him he wasn’t interested in the job, but still it’s fun to imagine how things would have went. I guess Mike Brown and the Cavs talked about him possibly returning. Mike Brown is going to go back to Cleveland where he had LeBorn. Hey Mike, Bron-Bron doesn’t play there anymore, you do know that right? I guess he REALLY wants to coach again.

Oh by the way…how desperate of a move is that on Mike Brown’s part? You get fired by your former team and now you’re going to come back. Or is it desperate on the Cavs part? This is like being dumped by your Tuna girlfriend and then going back with her even after she had two kids and gained 50 pounds.

DOUBLE Oh by the way…this is all being reported by Chris Broussard? Welp, nevermind. He probably got Mike Brown confused with Lou Brown.