NFL Draft, What A Waste Of Time

There are certain things I will never understand. Like why do people love the Kartrashians? Why can’t I take photos from Google and post them on my blog? And why won’t Jennifer Brannan from ‘Shipping Wars’ admit she has a thing for me?

Perhaps the thing I am most confused about it is why people invest so much time in the NFL draft, or any draft for that matter. You can find out who was drafted by who seconds after the whole thing is over. Why do people sit around and wait and wait and wait, to hear who the Chiefs pick? Do you really care? Hell, at this point, Chiefs fans probably don’t care. I have zero interest in this years (or any year for that matter) draft. The only thing I am remotely interested in is to see how far Manti Te’o falls. Other than that, I give zero…I don’t care. My buddy Jaws, who was the biggest draft fan weirdo I’ve ever met isn’t even interested in it.

And don’t get me started on the whole production of it. You have Chris Berman up there talking about nonsense and making dumbass sound affects while stumbling all over words, making a mockery of Brown. Then you have Mel Kipper and that head of hair talking in his Maryland accent about how this player or that player is going to turn out. Then my favorite disaster, the handshakes. Players going up to Czar Roger and giving him some sort of handshake that makes Czar Rog look like the whitest person alive. Or the awkward hugs and even kisses. The entire money-making production is a big bag of suck.

Oh by the way… the only way this draft will get me as a viewer is if Lennay Kekua resurrects from the dead and makes an appearance at Manti’s table. If the League and S-Pen can do that, I’ll be impressed.

Enjoy the draft you weirdos!