Rough Year for the Coaching Profession

It sure has been a rough year, America has been fighting with the threat of a ‘Fiscal Cliff’, nuclear war, horrible weather on the East Coast, the idea of Kim Kartrashian and Kanye East procreating, and of course…The Harlem Shake.

This year has been especially rough for the coaching profession, a rough stretch that started way back when everyone found out that Penn State dropped the ball when one of their former coaches turned out to be one of the worst people to ever walk the face of the Earth and everyone with power at the school knew about it. After the Penn State scandal the flood gates opened and although no one in the profession is half as horrible as Sundusky and Paterno, they still had a rough year.

Here are two of the most recent black eyes to the profession:

Steve Alford- Maybe the closest we will get to Scumbag Sandusky level. Alford is a complete asshat.

Fast forward to Alford’s coaching career at Iowa where one of his players (Pierre Pierce) was accused of sexual assault by another student. Alford defended his player by saying “I totally believe he is innocent. I believed it from day one, and I still believe it.” ( Well Steve, you’re the only one, Pierce later pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing injury. Oh I almost forgot, Pierce would later serve time for similar charges from a separate incident. Alford then handled the entire issue like a pro, a pro dumbass that is. Then he resigns and takes the New Mexico job, where his #3 seeded Lobos lost to Harvard (that was the third time Alford was associated with a team that was third seed in the tournament and lost to a 14 seed). Days before losing to Harvard, Alford signed an agreement to a contract but then decided he would head out of Albuquerque and take the UCLA job. At his introductory presser he was greeted by the LA media, and what I can only hope is a sample of what he will have to face there ( Something tells me when he has his SID tell the LA media members he does his interviews outside the locker room they won’t respond as cordially as Terre Haute’s media did. Hey Steve, you’re in the big city now. They are going to eat you alive.

Mike Rice- Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice was fired today after video surfaced of him physically and verbally abusing players during practices (

In the video Rice is seen kicking, shoving, and hitting players as well as cursing at them. Rice even threw a basketball at a kids head. Real niiice jerk. Rice is exactly what’s wrong with the coaching profession. At a lot of schools head coaches have so much power that they feel they can do and say whatever they want. The funny thing about this is that when Bob Knight did this a lot of people were just calling him ‘‘fiery’’, “He just yells a lot” and “He’s the General”. No he’s a bully. Mike Rice is a bully. And now an unemployed bully.

There are two things that make me scratch my head with this story. First, this isn’t the first sign of trouble with Rutgers basketball this year. Rice, yeah that Rice was suspended for three games in December and fined $50,000 by the university for this same thing! Niiice work by their AD. The second thing that drives me crazy is where were the assistants? Why didn’t anyone speak up and either tell the coach, “Hey nutso, settle down” or tell the AD of what was going on. Turns out there was one coach who did speak up, his name is Eric Murdock. You might have watched him last night on ‘Outside The Lines’ on ESPN, where he talked about how the AD would come in and Rice would be on his best behavior when he was in the gym. Well, WFAN in New York reported this morning that Murdock tried blackmail Rutgers by asking for a million dollars, in exchange he would not release the tapes of Rice. There were also reports that Rutgers countered with a $200k offer. So coaches knew this was wrong but didn’t speak up, instead they tried to make money. Stay hot Rutgers.

Oh by the way... if you can get your hands on one of these, do it!