Nashville: Chicago South

If you lived under a rock your entire life and walked into Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Saturday, there’s a good chance you would have thought the game was between the Nashville Blackhawks and the Chicago Predators.

Of the 17,000 plus in attendance, close to 75 or 80% of those fans were cheering for the visiting Blackhawks. It was a sea of red (to steal an overused term), screaming Hawks fans with their Toews, Kane, and Hossa jerseys cheered as they took the ice. As if the warm reception wasn’t enough to make the Hawks feel at home the constant cheering during the National Anthem certainly had to help.

What made me laugh most were the two guys who sat in front of the group I was with. They were Predators fans and when they went to sit down they looked at us in our Hawks gear and one said to the other “Look at these f**g a***s”, I simply replied with a laugh. For a few different reasons the best part of the game may have been every time the Nashville fans started to chant “Let’s go Preds!” it only last one go around before they were outnumbered and the chant became “Let’s go Hawks!”. That really pissed off the guy in front of us, he even asked his buddy “Why are they cheering?” I was waiting for the game-opps people to play ‘Chelsea Dagger’ after the game’s lone goal scored by the Hawks. It was as close to playing a home game on the road as you can get. After the game Broadway was flooded with red, black, and white Hawks jerseys. Every bar had a “Let’s go Hawks” chant and every band was playing ‘Sweet Home Chicago’.

I guess for Nashville folks, this wasn’t anything new. During the fall when the Bears were in town, the Chicago faithful who made the trip down drank the city out of beer. I’m not saying that as a joke, the Bears fans were literally drinking bars out of beer. I guess Chicagoans like to party? Luckily they were better prepared.

It was a great weekend, so many beautiful women, so many adult beverages, so many beautiful women, so much good food, so many beautiful women, a Blackhawks win and yes so many beautiful women.

Oh by the way…I am such a good dancer it really isn’t fair. Have a great day weirdos!