It's Good To Be Me

Boy do I love golfing. You know what I love even more than golfing? When being on the course is considered work.

I had the pleasure and opportunity of playing in the Sherriff’s Shootout this morning with Chris Clevnger of Burk Spring, Pat Brown (husband of one of our sales associates and active Air Force, big ups for that! Both being in the Air Force and being married to her) and Chris Perrott a sales associate. Any time you play in a scramble you obviously want to shoot under par, if you are only one or two strokes under you stink at golf. If you shoot over par, you should leave your clubs at the course and quit the game. Well our group won’t be quitting any time soon, we shot 14 or 15 under par (I didn’t keep score, nor did I look to see because it was time to eat…yes I know I am a fatass).

You might be thinking to yourself, “Wow they must be pretty good”. Well, when you each buy three mulligans and three pick-up putts you can shoot that well. You know how they say you “Money won’t buy you happiness”? That’s a crock of crap. $20 and I was happier than a fat kid locked in donut shop because we played well and posted a respectable score.

So to review my day, I golfed in the morning, came in to work to write this blog, heading home in a little while to take a nap and then going to Brad Paisley tonight in Noblesville. Just another reason why it’s good to be me.

*Oh by the way…*ISU baseball opens up a three-game series tonight at 6:30 when they host Alcorn State. Sean Manaea is expected to get the start.