Newest Member of the 'I Can't Stand You Club'

Is there anyone worse than the person who runs marathons or half marathons and then puts the ’26.2’ or ’13.1’ stickers on their cars (anyone who ran in this year’s Boston Marathon is excused of course)? How big of a jackass do you have to be to show off to people that you are dumb enough to run these things?

Like politics, religion, same-sex marriage some things you should just keep to yourself and not broadcast for everyone and you can add running marathons to that. These slugs have to have the lowest self-esteem ever, if they don’t then what is their excuse for having to show off to everyone that you were able to run 26 miles? I almost feel sorry for these people.

Oh by the way… why are marathons 26.2 miles? Why not 27? Why not 25? Why not 30? 26.2? What the hell is that about? My guess is they came up with this idea to run a really long distance and they took the best runner in the town and said go run as far as you can without stopping. He just so happened to run 26.2 miles before needing a break and they said, “There it is! We shall run 26.2 miles and call it a marathon”. Idiots.

Have a good day weirdos!