Oh By The Way: The Spurs Swept The West Finals

In case you missed it (most likely because ESPN was only talking about LeBron, D-Wade and the Heat) the Spurs swept the Grizzlies last night in the Western Conference Finals.

For the longest time I cheered against the Spurs but now I can’t get enough of them.

As a kid I despised the Spurs, but then I grew up. You see I used to be a huge Shaq fan and when the Lakers lost to the Spurs it just fueled the fire of my dislike for them. I didn’t like their players because they weren’t flashy, they didn’t have a goof ball vocal and physical leader and they weren’t that exciting. But then I grew up and I realized the Spurs are everything I liked.

They are old, they play as a team, their franchise player took about a 50% pay cut to keep the nucleus of his team together (I won’t give that too much focus because he is still a millionaire and what’s a few less million if it means getting another ring?) and they play fundamental basketball . Oh and best of all? When they win they go about their business like they had been there before.

Again I don’t think the Spurs or anyone can beat the Heat but it’s still fun to think about how the NBA and ESPN have to prepare for the tiny chance of a Spurs/Pacers Finals. How mad will ESPN be? Probably not that mad seeing as how I mean this would give them an opportunity to hire LeBron for a couple of weeks as an analyst, maybe give him a spot on First Take, perhaps fill in on ESPN Radio? Then with their luck Tebow will do something to get in the news and then LeBron will have to talk about him and then it will be smiles all around Bristol.

Again, fat chance of that happening. But it is still fun to imagine.

Oh by the way… I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, okay to be honest I really couldn’t care less if you did or not.

Have a good day you weirdos! (That I do mean)