Rose Sitting Out Is Doing More Harm Than Good

For the last month or so I have stayed quiet with all this Derrick Rose “When will he come back” talk. Quite frankly, I don’t care because no one from the East is beating the Heat.

But the main reason I haven’t said anything is because I’m not sure how I feel about the entire situation. You see, we are talking about Derrick Rose’s body. If he wants to play he will play, if he doesn’t there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. No talk show hosts, no writers, no fans and certainly no balding bloggers from Terre Haute will change his mind. He is still getting paid massive amounts of money whether he plays or not.

But at the same time I feel like he needs to play in an actual game to see where he is at physically and mentally. As it is has been discussed a big part of the healing process is playing. Anyone who plays basketball at a high level (like Rose did before his injury), especially in Chicago will always been compared to Michael Jordan. When MJ broke his foot he wanted to come back before the end of the season so he could judge where he was in his rehab and how much more he had to accomplish before he was back to as close to 100% as he could be. Derrick, you aren’t following the lead of your childhood hero!

When it comes to Derrick Rose, all I do know is he needs to shut the hell up. Every time he opens his mouth all he is doing is hurting himself and his image. First of all let’s go back to all the ‘Comeback’ videos Adidas made. Where have those been by the way? You haven’t seen one in the last few months, you know, after all his doctors said he was cleared to return. Hmm, that’s strange. Anyway, the worst thing Rose cando is go out and make these videos of him working hard to get back to the Bulls and then NOT go back to the Bulls. In those videos Rose kept saying in that clinched jaw voice “All I want to do is win”. Well Derrick, you can’t win if you don’t play.

After those videos Rose said that when he could dunk off of one foot he would be ready to go. Well a few weeks later on a nationally televised game they showed him throwing down dunks like he was mad at the rim or like I do on a nerf basket. Still no D-Rose.

A few days ago Rose told the media he didn’t know of any criticism involving him and his injury, stating that he hardly ever watches TV. Keep living in that bubble bud! Now he is saying that he isn’t completely ruling himself out of these playoffs.

Hey Derrick, stop lying to yourself and stop lying to everyone including the Bulls fans that have treated you like a king. They’ve overlooked a lot of things, chalking them up as “Well he’s just a kid” or “But he’s a hometown kid”. Those defenders are going to starting turning on you here real soon and when they do, you better come back and do something great to make them all forget this.

If you are afraid that your knee isn’t going to hold up, just admit that. People would be more understanding if you admitted that rather than you making up other reasons. Admit you are affraid of getting hurt, hell you can admit that this team kind of sucks and you guys aren’t going to beat the Heat and you don’t want to be the person blame. But don’t sit here and tease your fans into thinking there’s a chance they're going to see you play this season. You’re like Lauren Perrone leading me on in the seventh grade making me think I actually had a chance of copping a feel at a Friday night dance at Lincoln Center. It ain’t happening!

Every time Derrick Rose opens his mouth, he is digs himself deeper and deeper into a hole he doesn’t want to be in. Derrick, either come back and play against the Heat or go away until next season.

Oh by the way…I hate when people say I want to get to 100% or 110%. You can’t ever get back to 100%, if you break something it’s broken. It will never get back to where it was.