I laugh every time I see a video like this.

I don't have any idea what these guys are saying but I will bet it sounds something like this...

Announcer One: "Blah...Blah ...Blah...Blah ...Blah (something about soccer)... blah...GOAAAAALLLLLL!"

Announcer Two: "Blah...(soccer talk and analysis)...Blah...Blah...blah..."

Announcer One: "Get a load of this asshat who just hurt himself celebrating. But that's okay because in this sport it's not only okay but it is expected that you act like a buffoon after you score a goal, back to more soccer stuff."

This people. This is exactly why I always say, "Act like you've been there before". ALYBTB. It's simple. Act like you've scored before in the pros, act like you've won a big game before, act like you've slept with a Tuna before. If you don't, you know what happens? You rip your ACL to pieces, ruin your season, and maybe your career.

Oh by the way... two blogs in one day? What the hell is going on right now?