No Task Too Small

So I haven’t blogged in what seems like a year (actually it’s been since June 24th). But someone asked me the other day why I don’t blog every day and I told them I could if I wanted to but then it would get lost in the hustle and bustle that is our everyday lives and the internet. Sure I could blog once a day about my personal life or about the hottest story in sports but eventually it would become old and you folks would find a new toy to play with. I like to blog when something really inspires me that way when I post it and then tweet the links you folks know this is something good (at this point I’m sure you’re all saying, “Yeah whatever you’re just lazy” that’s fine you can think what you want). So today I am going to dust off the keyboard pull out my dictionary and blog my shoes off. Here we go…

There are so many athletic feats in this world that need recognition like baseball’s triple crown, winning the Heisman or coming back from being down 3-0 in a best of seven series and winning the series. Don’t get me wrong, those are all great but there’s something I want to shed some light on and I’ll do it in question form:

  1. Q: You know what’s hard to do?

    A: Win FIVE national championships and earn EIGHT All-American awards
  2. Q: You know what’s harder than winning five national championships and earning eight All-American awards?

    A: Doing all the aforementioned while earning dual degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering from the number one freaking engineering school in the country. The country. 

I’ll even throw in a third question: Do you know who did this? Answer: Rose-Hulman’s Liz Evans.

What Liz Evans did in her time at Rose-Hulman is nothing short of amazing. To be the best in your sport for as long as she has is incredible, to do it while working even harder in the classroom is mind blowing. Competing at a high level is tough, but to compete at her level both on and off the field of play is just out of this world.

Liz Evans has put, no, high jumped and studied her way into my number one spot as the “Greatest College Athlete” to come out of the Wabash Valley (for those of you who want to dispute this I am saying athletes who competed collegiately here in the Wabash Valley)*. Not many people have competed at as high of a level as Liz did both on and off the field, you’re just not going to find it. My only hope is that Rose-Hulman does the right thing here. I know there is a waiting period that an athlete must wait before being inducted into most ‘Halls of Fame’. Rose-Hulman, don’t wait, do it now. Liz Evans deserves to be placed in the HOF today or at least later this year. There are always exceptions to the rule. You don’t run or jump (lame joke, I’m sorry but I had to) across an athlete like this every day. Do the right thing and give her the only honor that’s left for her to receive, she’s earned it.

Here’s something to think about, imagine what kind of relationship Indiana State would have had with Larry Bird over the last 30 years had they not waited so long to retire his number. He took a small Midwestern school and put it in the national spotlight. How did they repay him? They waited 25 years before retiring his number. Real nice, jerks (I am directing that to the previous administrations). Had the University done what was right and retired his number the year after he left Indiana State, maybe there would be more than just a side street (yes I know there is a statue being built) named after him to let people know he went here. But hey, why not name the court after a cheating coach who was only here long enough to take a shower before going out to LA and become a “success”.

So Rose-Hulman, learn from the mistakes of your friends down the street and don’t wait.

Oh by the way… the reason for this blog is because Evans has earned and NCAA post graduate scholarship, which isn’t something they just hand out to anyone. To read about it and more about Evans’ great career click this link, This is a link to